This webpage is in Norwegian, since it is mainly meant for people living in Norway.

BUT, - having lived in the US (NYC) for almost ten years, English is my second language. I work as a commercial photographer, doing both studio- and location assignments for different advertising agencies and direct clients. I would be very pleased to work with people or companies, both nationally and internationally. I also photograph PR-photos, events, portraits etc. 

Here is a link to my webpage;www.stormphoto.no   

I would be happy to hold photography courses in English. For the last decade I have held photography workshops and courses both in Oslo and around the country. At Venabu Fjellhotell (www.venabu.no) we started in 2002 and have had several hundred participants over the last 15 years. The courses are held all year round as a weekend (Friday-Sunday) or a full week workshop.

If you are a member of a camera club at work or in your local community and want an interesting and educational photography gathering, - I will be very pleased to put together a course on any topic you desire. I have held courses in many different types of photography, ranging from; general technical knowledge, studio-setups, lightning/ flash inhouse or on location, portraits, model, landscape, macro, street photography, post production and photoshop, as well as shooting with analog film, darkroom developing and printing. Any topic you would like!


If you have any questions about my work or services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Here is my e-mail; olav@stormphoto.no